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Cambodia tourist or travel visa

Cambodia Tourist eVisa (or Cambodia travel visa)
General information, cheap fee and easy to get

1. General information about Cambodia tourist eVisa

Cambodia tourist eVisa or Cambodia travel eVisa is required for all foreigners whose sole objective of visiting Cambodia is recreation, sightseeing , casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit. The Cambodia tourist eVisa means the visa to enter Cambodia for tourist or those who need Cambodia visa to stay for tourism purpose. The Cambodia tourist eVisa must be issued before arrival and valid for 30 days with single entry only.

- You should apply for Cambodia visa online as soon as you can to avoid the urgent processing fee. Travellers can arrive and exit Cambodia on any date within this visa duration. So, if you are not quite sure about your date of arrival, just choose some day earlier than your planned arrival date.

Tourist eVisa for Cambodia can be applied in persons for traditional visa at Cambodia Embassy/Consulate in your country (traditional way) or in easier and cheaper way, tourist may apply Cambodia visa online before traveling to get Cambodia visa stamped at arrival airport to save time and money

- The time to process Cambodia tourist eVisa application is normally 3 working days. In case of urgency, you can upgrade the processing time in 2 or 1 working day.

- Normally, the Cambodia travel eVisa can be applied no earlier than 1 month prior to date of departure

- Tourists can arrive and exit Cambodia on any date within this visa duration. So, if you are not quite sure about your date of arrival, just choose some day earlier than your planned arrival date.

2. Cambodia tourist eVisa requirements

  • The original passport which must have longer validity than the visa by at least six month.

Cambodia visas are full page stickers, so make sure you have enough space in your passport.

  • 1 photo passport style taken within 6 month is required to submit (2 * 2 in)
  • Cambodia tourist eVisa applicants must fill in the Cambodia visa application online exactly as shown on your passport (your full name, your passport number, passport expiration date…)

3. Cambodia tourist eVisa types

The Cambodian Government has realized the significance of Cambodia eVisa as well as Cambodia tourist eVisa, thus has soon facilitated and eased the application process for visa to Cambodia in general and Cambodia tourist eVisa in particular. They have put the Cambodia eVisa into effect, and allowed Cambodia visa online application for years now. This has helped Cambodia visa applicants a lot in making Cambodia eVisa application more easily and give a hand to strengthening the volume of travelers to Cambodia annually.

Thanks to this, at present, the Option 1 (easiest way) is that: instead of coming to the Embassy as before, to Cambodia tourist eVisa, you just stay at home, click apply Cambodia visa online to make visa application, make online payment, receive the visa pre-approved letter online, fly to Cambodia and get their Cambodia tourist visa stamped at arrival port.

Option 2(traditional way): you should to find the nearest Cambodia embassy in your place to get Cambodia visa stamped at the Embassy/Consulate. Please be noted that this may take longer time, more procedures and even money in some cases.

4. Cambodia tourist eVisa fees

Kindly note that the more applicants you apply, the cheaper fee you are offered as following table fee:

Currency: USD


1 - 2 3 - 5 6 - 9 10 - 1000 Normal (3 working days) Urgent (2 working days) Super Urgent (1 day) Super Urgent (5 hours) Super urgent (1 hour)
Cambodia E-visa - Tourist Purpose- 1 month single 75 72 70 65 plus 0 plus 30 plus 60 plus 90 plus 120

5. Some easy steps to apply Cambodia tourist eVisa

For applying Cambodia tourist eVisa, kindly follow 3 easy steps below:

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