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Cambodia eVisa for South Africans

General Information, Cheap Fee & Easy to get

All SOUTH AFRICA citizens do need visa to enter Cambodia. Nowadays, getting visa for Cambodia for SOUTH AFRICA citizens is quite easy and convenient. SOUTH AFRICA citizens can easily apply for Cambodia eVisa in 1 month for Cambodia single entry visa with tourist purpose. In case SOUTH AFRICA passport holders would like to stay longer, you can apply for regular Cambodia visa

You should apply for Cambodia visa online as soon as you can to avoid the urgent processing fee. Travellers can arrive and exit Cambodia on any date within this visa duration. So, if you are not quite sure about your date of arrival, just choose some day earlier than your planned arrival date.

Cambodia visa for SOUTH AFRICA citizens can be applied in persons at Cambodia Mission in your country (traditional way) or in easier and cheaper way, tourist may apply Cambodia visa online before traveling to get Cambodia visa stamped at 1 of 5 ports of entry in Cambodia to save time and money.

1. General information about Cambodia visa for SOUTH AFRICA citizens

Cambodia visa is required for all SOUTH AFRICA citizens wishing to visa Cambodia.

The eVisa for Cambodia for SOUTH AFRICA citizens is valid for 30 days with single entry only.

- The time to process Cambodia visa application is normally 3 working days. In case of urgency, you can upgrade the processing time in 2-1 working days or 1-5 working hours.

- If SOUTH AFRICA citizens cannot enter and exit exact date of entry and exit filling in the visa application. You can arrive and exit Cambodia on any date within this visa duration. So, if you are not quite sure about your date of arrival, just choose some day earlier than your planned arrival date.

2. Cambodia eVisa for SOUTH AFRICA citizens requirements

  • The original passport which must have longer validity than the visa by at least six month.
  • SOUTH AFRICA citizens must fill in the Cambodia visa application online exactly as shown on your passport (your full name, your passport number, passport expiration date…)

3. Cambodia eVisa for SOUTH AFRICA Citizens types

The Cambodia Government has realized the significance of Cambodia visa, thus has soon facilitated and eased the application process for visa to Cambodia. They have put the Cambodia eVisa into effect, and allowed Cambodia visa online application for years now. This has helped SOUTH AFRICA citizens a lot in making Cambodia visa application more easily and given a hand to strengthening the volume of travelers to Cambodia annually.

Thanks to this, at present, the Option 1 (easiest way) is that apply for Cambodia eVisa - 100% online application: instead of coming to the Embassy as before to get Cambodia visa, SOUTH AFRICA citizens just stay at home, click apply Cambodia visa online to make visa application, make online payment, receive the visa pre-approved letter online, fly to South Africa. 

Option 2(traditional way): SOUTH AFRICA citizens should to find the nearest Cambodia Mission in your place to get actual Cambodia stamp beforehand.

4. Cambodia visa for SOUTH AFRICA citizens processing time

For SOUTH AFRICA citizens who need visa to Cambodia, whether you are offered the NORMAL or UGENT CAMBODIA VISA SERVICEin which the processing of your Cambodia visa approval letter will be completed within only:

5. Cambodia eVisa fee for SOUTH AFRICA citizens

Generally, only one kinds of fee is demanded to obtain eVisa for Cambodia. It is:

Approval fee or service fee: Paid to the Cambodia visa agent who conducts all the paperwork and arrange for your Cambodia visa approval letter - The eVisa. Our service is proud of not only offering the best secured payment but also the reliable and fastest service.

Currency: USD

1 - 2 3 - 5 6 - 9 10 - 1000 Normal (3 working days) Urgent (2 working days) Super Urgent (1 day) Super Urgent (5 hours) Super urgent (1 hour)
Cambodia E-visa - Tourist Purpose- 1 month single 75 72 70 65 plus 0 plus 30 plus 60 plus 90 plus 120

6. Some easy steps to apply Cambodia eVisa for SOUTH AFRICA citizens

Before getting on board:

Good news is that the application for Cambodia visa is done 100% online. What you need is a computer/ laptop or just a mobile phone connected to the Internet. Then you:

Step 1: Fill in Cambodia visa application form online here

Step 2: Make online payment for the approval fee

Step 3: Check email to get Cambodia visa approval letter - The eVisa after 3 working days (normal service) or 2-1 working day or 1-5 working hours and print it out

Upon entry in Cambodia airports or borders:

Step 4: 

Submitting original Passport + printed Cambodia visa approval letter directly to the Cambodia Immigration Officers.

That is it! Welcome to Cambodia and have a good time.

7. Advantages of Cambodia eVisa for SOUTH AFRICA citizens at gocambodiavisa.com

Gocambodiavisa is ready here to satisfy more than 100,000 (SOUTH AFRICA, South Africa, UK...) clients from all over the all and make sure that you will be the next one. Our service is highly appreciated about the quality, secure and convenience. Furthermore,gocambodiavisa has useful extra services to help you find the most suitable from the first minutes in South Africa as follows:

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5 working hours for SUPER URGENT service
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